Keeping Up with the Bleeding Edge

written by Cyx on January 17th, 2006 @ 11:16 PM

I’ve just gobbled up some concepts, innovations, and basically best practices regarding rails and ajax. To summarize these are:

  • Markaby (ruby html templates)
  • RJS Templates (javascript generation)
  • Centralized activity indicators
  • Graceful degradation


To install, just type in :

script/plugin install

Cool follow-up read here :


Type in

script/plugin install

Good tutorials here :

Centralized Activity Indicators

Basically, you’ll just have to create JS file with roughly 6 lines of code, and choose a nice location where you want your activity indicator to appear. When a new AJAX Request is started, it will appear (or show via one of the effects) and disappear. Talk about being DRY.

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