Trouble with RSpec Controller Specs

written by Cyx on April 23rd, 2007 @ 10:25 AM

I had a lot of head scratching just moments ago. Basically it had something to do with controller specs and our in-house plugin ActiveCRUD.

What happens is when you do something like :

context "the Category create page" do controller_name :categories specify "should render new if parameters are invalid" do post :create, :category => valid_category(:name => nil) response.should render_template(:new) end end

You aren’t able to even reach response.should render since doing the post :create will raise the exception.

What happens in our plugin is the same with most of beast-inspired applications. You have code like

def create @category.attributes = params[:category]! redirect_to category_path end private def rescue_action(exception) # render invalid model here, etc end end

But rSpec happily overrides the controller’s rescue_action method, which means all the expectations we have from our rescue_action are gone.

Right now I did some tweaks to our plugin, catching the exception manually and calling rescue_action_with_validation and then using alias_method_chain.

Hopefully I’ll have a more elegant solution in the future. But hey, they say that tests transform our code into more manageable pieces. I hope that’s what’s happening now.

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