written by amcvega on October 10th, 2006 @ 09:57 AM

I’ve found a new setup for ruby on rails – NGINX. It looks promising…but then that’s been said before.

I’ll probably put up an article later detailing my own step-by-step setup. (you can never have enough of those)

In the mean time let me list some of the useful links I’ve come across (it’s more so I don’t forget them, plus it makes for a blog post!)


  • Alexey Kovyrin on 22 Oct 11:45

    I think you've missed some additional posts from my blog about nginx+rails setup (which was created by me originally). Yo can find all of them in ruby-on-rails category of my site: Anyways, thanks for backlink.
  • amcvega on 26 Oct 23:57

    Thanks for the link Alexey. I’ve been looking at your blog and it’s a treasure trove of nginx information.

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